Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The shy guy

Oh my goodness!! For this first time in four years I left my son with a real babysitter!!! I mean besides his grandparents and the sitter who watches him everyday (who by the way has three kids of her own) I was okay with it until my son got really shy and didn't even want to look at the sitter she is 14 and I think because she is a girl..you know maybe it's a boy thing... He knows her because she lives next door to my daily sitter and she frequently helps her out so she is not a stranger to my son!! I think because she was in his domain and a one on one really scared him... He held on to me and said "Mommy please don't go, please stay" OMG!! my heart was broken!! But we went out anyway, because if I didn't what kind of message would that have sent.. Sometimes it is hard to leave when they need you so. But we need to loosen the apron strings and let them go... :o(