Sunday, February 12, 2006

A Need to Purge!

Well, I finally did it...I purged...For those who know me this is a big deal. In order to feel more creative I needed to organize. I moved everything out and started from scratch. I moved my table from the middle of the room to against the wall. Then moved my two five drawer keepers under the table (which my Mike discovered that they actually fit like a glove!) Then Mike helped me by getting shelving for above my table...with a few arguements!(Husbands and wives should never try building things together LOL) I threw out stuff that I will never use and giving away stuff that others can use...Now I feel FREE to create!! My inspiration comes from Donna who was purging too! AHHHH! She was giving away some cool stuff in which I could have put to good use in my new area!! he hehe Donna we so have to live closer. I also got my inspiration from My friend Nicole who is the organization "QUEEN". hehe (By the way nick, I still have some more organization to do hehehe) I will be getting some vertical paper holders for my shelves and organizing my paper by color and patterns etc.. So I still have lots to work on..until next time, have a great weekend!