Saturday, January 21, 2006

My First Goal!!

Hip Hip Horray!!! I did it my first 5 lb Gold Star...I lost 2.4 this week for a total of 5 lbs in two weeks. It has been so simple, just keep a good meal journal and count points. I haven't been hungry at all. But I have to say that by the end of a week I get anxious..I just want to get the weigh in over with. This morning I was so nervous going into WW...ugggg. I have a great WW partner, we keep each other go Rach... anywho, 2 weeks done 5 lbs gone. Going to the grocery store to lug around a 5 lb bag of potatoes to really get my head around what I have lost....Weight be gone!!!!!

Friday, January 20, 2006

First Layout!! On My Journey...

Well, here it is... my first layout entry in my Weight Loss Journey Album!! UGGGGG. I have quite a journey ahead. Today I went to the Scrap Shack and got coordinating patterned paper and cardstock along with coordinating vellum stickers with inspiration quotes from AMM. I decided that since I don't get to use pinks very often (having a boy and all) I would girly girl my album..
I tied two tags together..the top one has an inspirational quote and the bottom one has my top weight and my feelings journaled..Onward and forward...

Monday, January 16, 2006

Ribbon Box Pizzaz

I saw an article in Creating Keepsakes Mag about how to make a ribbon box to keep all your ribbons in...I thought WOW what a great idea. I can't stand have ribbon strewn about every where in my craft room. It is available when I need it. In order to be truly creative you have to be clutter free UHHH Did I Say that????? (Nicole I know you are proud at this moment) Anywho, I thought how could I make this my own...Hummm, well Donna D. loves Hodge Podge...Well, guess what people....Podge is my new Fav friend... You can use that patterned paper you may not use on a layout or you can use your most favorite patterned paper that inspires you. So...I decide to use different patterns "color coordinating of course" and podged them onto a photo box. I used my new favorite Drill (to which Donna refers to as some sort of male genitalia) (he he) to drill the holes for the eyelets along the sides. I also got to use my husband tools.. So cool.. So now I have an excuse to buy "MORE" ribbon (Like I need an excuse to buy scrappin supplies....HA).

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Weight Loss??? Or Weight Gone Forever??

Whoo hoo!! I have officially completed my first week on WW!! And survey says.... 2.6 lbs lost. ("Lost... I really don't want it back so bye bye forever!!")

Someone once said that weight is not a loss because when you lose something you are always looking for it! Hummmm?? Ain't this the painful truth!! So you should say "reduction" or something like "weight be gone" he he!

To assist in my "Weight Be Gone Program" I have created a 8 1/2" x 11" album to help me with my journey. I have taken a plain album and podged patterned paper on to the front an back covers along with quotes that will inspire me to keep on keepin on! Monthly I will enter a layout in my album until I have reached my goals...

My first layout entry will be of my most hated pic of myself at the BEACH!! Uhhggggg... Anywho!! I swear on my weight be gone that I will take a better beach photo summer 2006!!! This is ""My Promise"".

Looking forward to my next entry.. Noella