Sunday, February 05, 2006

Week 4 Weight Be Gone Journey

Well to all my Peeps I would like to thank you for being my biggest fans, I would also like to thank the people at WW for all the hard work in getting me this award!!! he he Sike! I just got my first 10 lb ribbon. Just like a kid we all like to receive awards for jobs well done. Now I have two 5 lb stars and 1 - 10 lb ribbon. I have to tell you this is so cool...but I sometimes fall off the wagon just like in anything else you just have to get right back on. I struggle sometimes but keep on thinking of my goals. I set small goals and when I acheive them I treat myself. My first goal was 10 lbs I would get pizza..well I tell yah, I had not had pizza in over 4 weeks (this is one of my fave foods) so I had pizza. My next goal will be 15 lbs I will get a piece of clothing..and so on!