Saturday, February 25, 2006

Weight Loss Update

Well, here I am so far (Notice I have cropped my picture in a long skinny fashion)....I have lost up to date 13.2 lbs..whoo hoo. My clothes are getting baggy and I love it!! I am even wearing stripes!! The only problem is I will be needing clothes to fit.. Second hand stores here I come!!

There are still obstacles! I love comfort foods...such as chips and dip! I stay away from these foods because they are my downfall! But now and again I will treat myself. It is very inportant to treat yourself for a job well done. But, instead of treating myself to food, I will purchase new scrapbooking supplies..always a treat. Or purchase one article of clothing to make myself feel good.

Well "onward and downward" he he... Have a great weekend!

Blogger Block

Well, lately I haven't been blogging. I have been busy with homework and such. Homework? Huh? Well, a great bunch of gals started a Tuesday night group called SCRAP (Sassy, Creative,Rockin, Addicted, People)..We get together every Tuesday night and think outside the scrappin box. We create layouts that we would normally not create. Our first assignment was to gather information about ourselves and make a tag book. This requires alot of thinking. Each tag will contain People, Home, Inspiration, Culture, Spirtuality etc.. and the list goes on. These tags will contain things about ourselves that other people may or may not know..gets you thinking. Our next assignment was to scraplift a layout that you like. Well It wasn't easy, because I love alot of layouts..but one layout in particular caught my eye and that was one from Tim Holtz..he is fantastic. Tim uses alot of distressing in his art. Distressing is awesome!! I think He has created a distressing monster. I chose his layout which was featured in Creating Keepsakes Top Ten Issue, this layout was "A Boy with Big Blue Eyes" in the section of top ten techniques. I modified my layout for obvious reasons (LOL). This week our Homework is to do a layout with a card you have received....hummm, I am stumped..and gather stuff for a layout using fibers, this is not hard for me because I am the queen of fibers ( he he). Next few weeks I will be in charge of the I will be demonstrating how to incorporate patterned paper in layouts in creative ways..such as using different patterns (example. Stripes and polka dots etc...) of course coordinating, tearing or blocking.. This will be lots of fun...So to the S.C.R.A.P. Girls, get ready to have fun and create!!