Sunday, November 05, 2006


I have been chosen by my awesome scrap sisters to design name tags for our upcoming event ScrapGala . It is being held this upcoming weekend on November 11 and 12.

I used some awsome material such as these awsome Junkitz Flowerz and Chatterbox pp. I had lots of creative juices flowing (can you tell by the mess)...of course it helps when you have people like Debbie Hill a designer from Junkitz coming to this event. "I hope she likes what I did to them?"

There are more great ladies in the scrapbooking field that are attending this event. I am so excited to see Tena Sprenger again and meet Carol Wingert (whom I feel I already know by chatting through her blog for a year!)
Also attending is Kah Mei Smith of Font works , totally awesome canadian entrepeuneur!! And Christy Tomlinson of Making Memories as part of the Book Team and is also a Contributing Editor for Better Homes and Garden's, Scrapbook etc. This is so exciting!! Can't wait to meet all of you! We are going to have a blast..see you in 5 days!!!