Monday, April 25, 2011

Expanding My Sewing Skills!!!

Good morning everyone!!  It is a beautiful day in Riverview, New Brunswick Canada today!  Spring is on its way for sure!

The reason for my post this morning is that I am excited to show you a new creation I created this morning!!!!  I have been wanting to learn how to sew children's clothes and figured I would start with something simple but cute!  I got this idea for a Reversible Pillow Case Dress from this site called  Of course there are no measurements but..I researched sites that had standard children sizes and used this as my reference.. Phew..I was scared..LOL. Anywho, here is how it turned out!

Now this little dress I figure that it will fit a toddler from 12 mos - 18 mos.  As well as a top for a 2 year old to wear with leggins!

I hope you like my creation of the day!

Have a productive day!