Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Scrap Gala News!

Oh goodness! what a great time we had! The place to be was in Moncton, NB Canada this past weekend at Scrap Gala. The teachers were awsome! The projects even more awsome. I don't know where to begin? Well, I suppose I will begin from the first day they arrived. Debbie Hill , Kah Mei Smith, Tena Sprenger, Carol Wingert, Christy Tomlinson were all on hand to teach us this event. What great ladies they all are! We all met at the restaurant in the hotel on Friday night. Gave them presents which were journals all the "git r duns" contributed pages to about themselves. We ate and laughed and sang (That was Christy's part) as a matter of fact I think it was a rendition of Celine Dion's "My Heart will Go On". She decided that our waitress looked like Celine! he he. The table in behind her loved her song! When Christy's supper arrived we where all like "What the??"
Tomatoes, french fries and Cake?? he he she is so funny.. I knew that we where gonna have a blast with this girl! At Christy's table Debbie Hill, Nicole, Rachel, Tasha and Amy. Of course our table was more reserved (he he) I was sitting at the table with Tena , Carol, Kah Mei, Debbie, Shirley and Tina. What a great Kick off to a great weekend!

On Saturday bright and early Scrap Gala Registration began. We had our pep talk from Debbie and off we went! Classed started at 10:00 am. In the evening we all hung out and had suppers together in Debbie's (Scrap Shack owner) "executive" room. That is where the sillyness began. The teachers bonded as a matter of fact we pretty much all bonded..I felt like I have known these ladies for years! Well Tena I have known for a year and Carol for about 8 months by chatting via e-mail they are all amazing ladies. Here are some more pics to enjoy!