Saturday, January 28, 2006

Week 3 Weight Be Gone Journey!

Well.....scale says.....-3.2 whoo hoo for a grand total of 8.2 lbs gone. I am on a roll people. I would also like to congratulate my friend Rach on her first gold star!! You go Girl!

Anywho, so we talk about getting exercise in...hum, I wonder if painting your bathroom is exercise??? UHHH yeah Hellooo!! My back is aching, my arms feel like lead etc...full body work out or what? So I am painting my bathroom a lovely Sahara Shade (which is kind of a mustard yellow) thats the only way I can explain it... (See pic on right)
So I also got new Martha Stewart Linen Shower Curtain from Sears (Sundance).
I of course got the bath rug to go along with it...oh! and the nice hooks... Well back to the grind! Gotta get the other coat of paint on....

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