Saturday, February 25, 2006

Weight Loss Update

Well, here I am so far (Notice I have cropped my picture in a long skinny fashion)....I have lost up to date 13.2 lbs..whoo hoo. My clothes are getting baggy and I love it!! I am even wearing stripes!! The only problem is I will be needing clothes to fit.. Second hand stores here I come!!

There are still obstacles! I love comfort foods...such as chips and dip! I stay away from these foods because they are my downfall! But now and again I will treat myself. It is very inportant to treat yourself for a job well done. But, instead of treating myself to food, I will purchase new scrapbooking supplies..always a treat. Or purchase one article of clothing to make myself feel good.

Well "onward and downward" he he... Have a great weekend!

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