Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sad and Happy Days!

A Sad day indeed...on Thursday my good old Saturn SL Kicked the bucket! It is was a mixed emotion day for sure..can we afford to get a new car?? Humm....well I think we have to anyway right? So off to the dealers we go in search of a new car (well not brand new..but newer than what we had) The salesman comes right over and we say we need to get a car and we describe what our needs are..he says well guys there are two 2008 Pontiac G6 that arrived here a few hours ago and they are priced to go!!! HUH?? The ticket price $12,450.00...????? What is the dealio? These cars are usually priced for approximately $14,000.00 and UP! So we go for a test drive and I am automatically in love..I am feeling the power of a V6..wowzers and smooth..
It is Midnight Blue and soooooo roomy..


Trina C said...

WOW! We got a 2007 G5 for 18,000 last year and that was marked down from 22,000. Holy smoly, that is a good deal!!!!

UberArt said...

So did you get it?!

And by the way, tag! You're it!
Check out my post for details:

Noella said...

Yes I did...I love it!

Shimmermeblue said...

We rented a G6 last year when we went camping. I loved it! That's what I'm going to get when it's time to buy a new car!