Monday, July 06, 2009

Fun At the Pictou Market!

My first Market was lots of fun! It was such great trip and and fun experience. Even though I did not sell enough to cover admission fee and hotel, meals and travel. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience as a vendor at the Pictou Weekend Market this past weekend. I had lots and lots of interested people and that is all I hoped for. My hope for this past weekend was to get my products seen and hear comments from others hoping that my products are sellable. I brought my hubby along and he said that lots of people were very impressed and that my work was beautiful (Blushing). With the economy being what it is and being in a small community, I did not get the sales I had hoped for but I did make alot of contacts with people and handed out some business cards. So with that I made sure I wrote down lots of notes from comments people made and I will plug away and continue to do what I love! Creating and Designing wonderful handbags and accessories and to continue to get into markets and just having lots of fun meeting new people and friends! I am so glad I got to meet the wonderful people and Vendors of the Pictou Market! What a friendly Maritime place to visit!

Have a super week everyone!


Carol B said...

Congratulations! Although money is important, you found that often doing a show isn't just about the money. Taking notes is invaluable. Hang in there. I'm glad you had a good experience.

Anonymous said...

Hi Noella, it was a pleasure having you with us this past weekend. Your bags are wonderful. The colors are awesome.
Sometimes in a new venue you have to be there for more than one weekend. I bet this weekend I have people wanting to know where you are. I will let you know about that after the carnival.

The Pictou Market is a bit different than those that set up for a day or two. Where we are set up for a season, the locals know that they can start in early June and by the end of September, they get exactly what they want as they shop all summer.

Once again it was a pleasure to have you and your family with us.


Miss Gina Designs said...

Your display looks wonderful, Noella!