Sunday, January 15, 2006

Weight Loss??? Or Weight Gone Forever??

Whoo hoo!! I have officially completed my first week on WW!! And survey says.... 2.6 lbs lost. ("Lost... I really don't want it back so bye bye forever!!")

Someone once said that weight is not a loss because when you lose something you are always looking for it! Hummmm?? Ain't this the painful truth!! So you should say "reduction" or something like "weight be gone" he he!

To assist in my "Weight Be Gone Program" I have created a 8 1/2" x 11" album to help me with my journey. I have taken a plain album and podged patterned paper on to the front an back covers along with quotes that will inspire me to keep on keepin on! Monthly I will enter a layout in my album until I have reached my goals...

My first layout entry will be of my most hated pic of myself at the BEACH!! Uhhggggg... Anywho!! I swear on my weight be gone that I will take a better beach photo summer 2006!!! This is ""My Promise"".

Looking forward to my next entry.. Noella


Me said...

Good Luck!!

Nicole LeBlanc said...

Congratulations!!!! I know you WILL do it.
Luv NL